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    We have a 3dCart store that has been active since July of last year. Driving traffic to site using Google/Bing/Amazon PPC ads and product ads. We need to change the store URL (I won't get into the reason).

    I've read all of the knowledgebase articles and opened a support ticket to try to get some answers about what all is needed to do this and what would be the best order to do the steps. 3dCart's response is an over simplified "go to" and order up the $50 Domain Name Change option. It is unclear what they do for this option. I could easily go to Settings>General Settings>Store Settings and change the store URL, but is there something else they need to do?

    The current URL is hosted by GoDaddy with the DNS pointing to 3dCart servers. The new URL will be a subdomain of our company's website ( I have already obtained an A Record from the Registrar and have it pointing to the IP address I received in my original Welcome Email.

    We are using the 3dCart shared SSL cert. If we continue to use this would our secure URL be That may be confusing to some customers. Would you suggest I obtain my own SSL?

    As I understand it from the knowledgebase, I cannot use 301 Redirects because they are 2 different domains, which is a shame because we are getting fairly good organic SERPs. Is there any 3rd party method of doing 301's between domains?

    I believe the order of tasks should be (although I am looking for feedback here) are:

    1. Obtain the A Record for subdomain (done)
    2. Prepare new product feeds with new destination and image URLs.
    3. Order SSL ??
    4. Temperarily pause the PPC campaigns
    5. Order Domain Name Change option from 3dCart
    6. Change URL in Store Setting (or does 3dCart do this?)
    7. Remove DNS server location for current/old URL on GoDaddy. Or, can I just continue to leave this pointing to 3dCart servers and catch any organic traffic that still uses the old URL?
    8. Change destination URLs in PPC ads and reactivate.
    9. Change links on our company site pointing to the old URL.
    10. 301 redirects of links on our company site.
    11. Submit new site maps to Google/Bing.

    Am I missing anything? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

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    I went through a complete domain name change well over a year ago so the process is a bit fuzzy for me.

    But I do recall needing (and ordering) the 3dcart domain name change service. If I remember correctly, they would make a change on the server level that would redirect traffic to the new URL. You may want to confirm this with them though.

    Regarding the SSL certificate, I would definitely recommend getting your own certificate instead of using the shared one with 3dcart, especially now that you're moving your store to a subdomain of your domain. It just makes things look a lot less complicated and confusing for shoppers.

    As far as your process, it sounds like you may have already read over the Google "Moving Your Site" recommendations" -

    I'm not sure about your step 7, but you would also want to use the Change of Address tool in your Google's webmaster tools account. You would want to add your new URL in your account first.

    Your steps look pretty exhaustive, but if I remember/think of anything else I'll let you know.

    All the Best to you.


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      Thanks for your advise and the webmaster links!