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  • Testimonial

    I've always found testimonials important when making a purchase, so I'd like to add mine to help anyone considering a move to 3DCart. I also believe that when I receive service above and beyond, others need to know about it.

    We were with Monster Commerce for several years, and over time noticed a serious decline in the level of customer service. While the actual product is important, the level of customer service that accompanies the product is just as important. When a technical issue arrises, I want to be sure there is someone available in a reasonable amount of time to assist me. I know I'm not their only customer, but by golly I want to feel like I am.

    My entire experience with 3DCart has been very positive. My goal was to have a website that was as user friendly as possible, to look professional developed, and yet be flexible enough to allow us to make immediate changes when necessary. We had the designer (Michelle) do a custom layout for us, and it is perfect--exactly the look and feel that we wanted.

    With over 90,000 products to enter, it took a few months to enter all of our data. When we began to import our products into Stone Edge Order Manager (which we can't live without), we did run into a problem. It was a perplexing problem, and at first no one at 3D or Stone Edge could figure it out. The great part, however, is that instead of one company blaming the other, they actually worked together to figure it out!!! I'm so used to everyone passing the buck, that I was certain we were going to be left hanging, but Jimmy in tech support was relentless. I really felt like he cared as much as I did!

    Ok, end of sermon, just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied customers.

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    I second that, although I would like to know how you got 90,000 items uploaded in only a few months.


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      Lotta seat time! Actually, I did most of them in an Excel spreadsheet and uploaded them in batches. I only have about 1400 main products, but with all of the advanced options it ends up being over 90,000 combinations. It did take a few months to get it all together. :)


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        The best cart out of 6 used!

        I've built and worked on at least 5 other shopping carts - shopsite, easystore creator, quick shopping cart with godaddy (not at all quick!), zen cart and x cart. While it takes a lot of perserverance in setting up any store, I don't want to work on any other cart other than a 3dcart ever again!

        With most of the online carts, waiting for changes to submit is like watching paint dry. So it has not gone unnoticed that the speed of a 3dcart is significantly faster than any other online cart.

        The admins in zen and x carts are similar and somewhat difficult to find your way around. Without a doubt, the admin panel of 3dcart is far superior to any cart that I've used.

        While there is a learning curve to any shopping cart, I was pleased with what I was able to accomplish on my own with the 3dcart. But I would say to anyone totally new to shopping carts that it would be well worth it to take 3dc up on a design package.

        And now that I've been upgraded to the new version, I feel like I've died and gone to shopping cart heaven!
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