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  • StoneEdge

    Has anyone used StoneEdge with 3dCart? Is the integration easy? Does everything work well?

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    Yes, we use it and it works well.

    It adds product options on to the description, so if you have products with a lot of options, they may get cut off in SE. The sku is still right.

    Depending on what CC processor you use, when you signed up and how you process (authorize only or auth and capture) it may or may not send the entire card number. Contact 3d support about this and they can give you all the details that pertain.

    We don't do inventory on 3d, so no experience there. :(




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      I never think that anything tech is easy but once it is setup it is great. Cuts order processing time by a lot. We couldn't have handled last years growth without SE.
      Steve Teske
      Director of eCommerce
      Hogan Walker LLC


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        We couldn't live without them! We initially installed it in order to streamline our ordering/shipping/stocking process, so that we could hire someone to run that end of our business. Instead, it now only takes me about 20 minutes to do what it used to take 4 hours to do, so we didn't need to hire someone! There was a bit of a learning curve involved at first, but they have great tech support to assist when needed.

        When we sought out a shopping cart, being able to incorporate SEOM was number one on our list. I'm happy to say SEOM and 3dCart play very well together--very nice setup for us, and I highly recommend them. :)