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    Can 3dcart handle drop ship orders?

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      Thanks for the link.

      I have another question. My distributor just started to provide drop ship service. She does everything manually through Quickbooks & UPS worldship. If the orders are sent to us by email, does it mean that she has to type customer info in her system again to print out the shipping label?

      If I export the orders and email the text file to her, does anyone know how she can process my orders easily? She just needs to give me back the tracking numbers. I was thinking to ask her to login to my 3dcart account and process my orders from there, but she has dial up internet service (difficult to get fast line due to her location in the mountain...). Any ideas? software that would help us?

      I would appreciate any tips/ideas. Thanks!


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        We don't use UPS Worldship, but perhaps someone who does can chime in and tell you how to export a list of new orders (CSV ro tab delimited) that can be imported into Worldship for easy processing and then once she provides you with the tracking orders you could probably just import them back into the system depending on how she provided the info to you.


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          We have vendors that dropship. We input the data in ourselves when placing orders from dropshippers. I don't feel that is my drop shippers responsibility. Plus I know that none of my dropshippers would actually do that anyway. It is my responsibility.