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I just want to say, without 3dcart I would be lost in the woods!

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  • I just want to say, without 3dcart I would be lost in the woods!

    Note: I was not offered anything for this review, nor have they ever asked me to write one. Its unprompted.

    I have been using 3dcart for about 8 years now, and overall I'm very happy with them. Every year or so I start looking around at the competition to see if there is anything better. When I say "better", I specifically mean a service with all the same features I use, but with a simpler more user interface, and features that work more consistently.

    One of the things that first drew me to 3dcart was the level of customization they allowed, while still being a hosted platform. Before I used Zencart because I wanted to control everything. However after a few months the shipping module stopped working, and needed upgrading. I had enough with messing with the backend, when really all I wanted was control over the front end. I looked around, and 3dcart was the best at the time.

    I was inspired to write this post, because I was looking around again this week at other solutions, and really I cant find anything that is as suited to me as 3dcart. I am thankful they exist, because without them I would be really lost.

    The features I use (Off the top of my head), and could not live without:
    -Fully Customizable HTML on every page
    -Facebook Login
    -A robust Item Options system that allows for "almost" anything I want to do.
    -Recurring orders
    -Bitcoin Integration (Though not currently working 100%)
    -Stripe Support
    -Paypall Support
    -Mailchimp and Mandrill Integration
    -The API (Custom written apps that move people to different customer groups based on purchase history, and update orders once delivered)
    -Shipping Easy integration
    -Robust Promotions Manager will lots of "if/then's"
    -Gift Registry

    Features I don't use, but am happy they are there for possible future use:
    -Daily Deals
    -Group Deal
    -Multiple Ship to address

    The So-So:
    -Usability of Features: Almost NO feature is usable out of the gate without customization. I think the logic used in the layout of the default themes is not good, and sometimes confusing for the end user. The default templates are over complicated, and just plain ugly. (Though I think they are getting better)

    -Support: Most of my interactions with support are tedious at best. I have to spend a lot of time explaining things, and feel like I know the system better then they do. (After 8 years of working with it, i'm sure I do know more then some of their support people). However I am happy there is support at all, and for simple things they are pretty good. My site was down once, and I did a chat, and they got it up and running in a few minutes.

    The good:
    -Price: I think the monthly prices are very good compared to other solutions given the number of features they offer.

    -Customization: If I don't like the way something looks, or works, I can pretty much change it!

    As I said after looking around at the competition, I don't know what I would do if they went away! However, If you want something that "just works" and is simple I think there are better solutions elsewhere. If you want complete control, and have complicated needs, and some of the features above appeal to you I think nothing is better. I know the forums are a place to complain, and I do my fair share. But lets use this thread to say positive things about 3dcart. Its good for the soul to be positive at least sometimes! ;)

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    I also came from a stand-alone cart solution with all the issues that come with it. It is nice having 3dcart take care of the back-end and roll out a continuous stream of updates.
    With any platform there will be issues, and incomplete features, and that is to be expected.

    Lots of little things that are added are extras that they did not need to do, but are very beneficial for us like Google Trusted Stores and Rich Snippets.

    Overall I am very happy with 3dcart, even if I grumble about some of the incomplete features.


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      I also am very happy with 3Dcart - even though I often vent on my moody days..... I am glad to be here.


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        We are thinking of jumping Network Solutions after 12+ years as they have pretty much stopped any new features and seem to be leaving us out to die!