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    Hi, i'm interested on 3dcart, but before go forward, need to know if is possible to do all my needs and not need to pay some extra cash.
    1. I need to customize the product page, the user could upload a image to do this. I see you have a API, where can I have more information.
    2. can I add google Tag Manager, or need to have a appStore add on.
    3. Can I add/edit the JS libraries or function on the page?
    4. What plan you recommend if I have 100 daily transactions.

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    I can only answer #4, Transactions mean nothing. Bandwidth will define your plan. I have only 22 products and run with the Starter plan because of 4 to 5 GB of activity per month.


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      1) The 3dCart API is at: But for modifying templates (product pages, etc), you don't need the API. 3dCart gives you direct access to your template files via FTP, or via their admin interface.
      2) You can modify your templates and add this code snippet in where you want it. I believe you would then bypass/not use the 3dCart built in Google Analytics configurations.
      3) You can edit your entire template, and all of it's resources. Some things are served by 3dcart from protected areas that you cannot modify (such as some of the checkout page code, etc). You can, however, override any javascript function (or css class) by having a function/class with the same name - so you're free to hack to your heart's content.
      4) As Bill S said, 3dCart doesn't bill by the number of transactions. Their service tiers are governed by a few things, namely bandwidth usage on a monthly basis, number of products, etc.