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advanced option export not working and google feed does not include product options

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  • advanced option export not working and google feed does not include product options

    I have been having these two issues for some time. I have tickets open:

    GSK-668-55224 11/13/2019
    YMH-732-96728 11/12/2019
    XKR-488-73093 11/8/2019
    DQT-999-31860 11/20/2019
    XKR-488-73093 11/20/2019

    Tested and same result in multiple stores.

    I had not had a timely response to the ticket so I I finally called and spoke to (name withheld) on the phone, we did a screen share and she was great... Verified the issue, made screen shots etc all in about 5 minutes. The issue needed to go to higher level support.

    Then I get in the ticket system circus............It is now 11/21 and I am no closer to getting any of these issues resolved.... The ticked system is so frustrating....and slow……..

    Simple question - Why is it when I try to schedule a advanced options product export, it does not save the file name as specified - see image:

    The export continues to be run not as the file name specified - see image:

    You will notice that I try in every available format. Telephone support advised the product export naming only works if you use FTP format (ok, I will try even though I have other exports set up and working by saving the file to /assets/). We tested the ftp option - this did not work either, file still named the generic way. She made screen shots and documented the issue. Then days later, the ticket support rep told me the exact same thing, it only works if you use FTP. I advised, did you look at the documentation of the issue - we already tried that didn’t work. I did it again just to show him. Then another 24 hours goes by………….

    11/21 update – now they are telling me it only works via email. Well, I have had that option set up to send hourly for days, and still no file………….but reportedly - it works…

    Herein lies a problem with the ticket system, it seems that every new person that touches the issue does not go back and see what has already been done and documented. So the whole process is repeated at a snail’s pace.

    This seems to be an endless cycle....

    It is too much to elaborate on the second issue. This is the condensed version:

    The second issue is with the google feed. My product options are not in the google txt export. It took days for them to tell me what actually triggers the advanced product options to be included in the feed.

    Once we knew what triggered the options, I tested 4 products. Still not in the txt export.

    So today, the send me a copy of an xml file and say, the test products are in the feed. What a minute, I have never seen an xml feed. Where is that? Is it available to me?
    The product options are still not in the google feed txt file that I can see and export????

    Is there any way to get these issues expedited, call and discuss and share screens. The issues appears to be that what I see is not what they see when logged into my store. I have the file named and option selected, but when they log in, it is like I do not have the export set up. Yet the generic named file is running every hour.

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    I would be careful showing any file names. Anyone can access them without being in the admin!


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      True. Any standard named file can be accessed for any site by anyone that knows the naming scheme. Point being, use custom file names?? That is one of the issues, I am not able to specify custom file names.

      But I don't see the issue, all the data is already publicly available on the live website anyway. Please let me know if I am overlooking a potential issue.

      Also, administrator, I "again" posted in the wrong area, please feel free to move the post.

      **The file export issue is not fixable by support apparently, now being handed off to developers. Progress, slow, but progress..

      The google feed issue is fixed in their mind, because the advanced options show in the xml feed. But shouldn't they also show in the txt export as well? - I still do not see documentation on what actually triggers advanced option inclusion in the csv file when using: Adding Products to the Feed (CSV Import)
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      You can also add products to your Google Feed using CSV import by going to Products ->Export/Import and looking for the Google Product Feed sections. There are two of them:
      • Export
        Found at the top of the page, the export function will let you export products that are already marked for Google feed. Alternately, you can also export products that are not already marked for Google feed. You can even generate an export based on parent categories for the products as well.
      • Import
        Found within the bottom half of the page, you will have the option of importing your formatted CSV file that will add products to the Google feed.

      Why are the product options not listed When "you can also export products that are not already marked for Google feed." When I do the export, the options are not there.

      I am thinking I cannot use the csv import and export to manage products with options??? The csv file only shows the parent sku....

      So far, this is the part that was not clear:
      • color
        When applicable, this attribute will pull from your products color option sets. Select the appropriate option set from the drop down selector
        (required for apparel)
      • size
        When applicable, this attribute will pull from your products size option sets. Select the appropriate option set from the drop down selector
        (required for apparel)
      • gender
        Select whether the item is suited for male, female or unisex genders
        (required for most apparel)
      What triggers inclusion of the options?? I was using the importing and export of the csv file and the options where nowhere to be found. I was looking in the wrong place apparently. Support gave me the answer:

      Apparently, the only way to get option included in the google feed is to use the manual procedure, and not the csv import/export. I will do some more testing to see if this is in fact true.


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        Inventory stuff is not much of an issue. Mainly mentioned it because any customer & order exports you do also sit in the export directory. They all use the same structure for the filenames. (Personally I think that is an issue) Didn't see any of those in your SS, but I just wanted to mention it.


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          Good Point, thanks for the heads up.


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            Too funny, we were just talking recently. Most of us use Google, Bing, Facebook etc. analytics on our sites. We are already giving all our customer and order information away - for them to sell....