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advanced option export not working and google feed does not include product options

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    Luxlife The "google shopping feed" is free to setup. The "google product listing ads" is a paid additional service I just mentioned in case there's more you want to do.


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      There was a free version, starting about version 6.1 (could be wrong about the version), that was supposed to function like the paid app. It was available before the paid service was introduced. It may be before you started working for 3dCart but before you started answering questions in the forums. Not sure why it is no longer available. We asked about it in a ticket, a while ago. The response was that it was being worked on and would be available in a couple of months. It never came back. Again, this is not the txt version which has been available for years. Perhaps some of the other long time merchants recall this.
      Just fount the ticket we sent on 8/7/2016. In it we state the following:
      "An article in the Knowledge base states says Google Shopping Feed is free for professional plans and higher. Our account only shows the old Google Product Listing Ads on the Marketing > Shopping Engines page. Please clarify whether or not the Automatic Google Shopping Feed is free for us."

      The response was:


      I asked about this and it seems that it is available, however Google has made some changes to the feed. We are currently working on upgrading the app to ensure that it works with Googles changes.

      At this time we are anticipating the updated version to be released within the next 2-3 months. At that time we will be more than happy to enable the add on for you so that you can use it.

      The one that was available at the time of the article is no longer working it would need to be processed manually until the new version is released.

      I hope this information helps! Have a great day!"

      We never heard back about this so we are using the old text feed. The paid service shows in our admin but we have to sign up. It does not indicate we are grandfathered.
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        Luxlife I just wanted to clarify this. All 3dcart plans include the Google Feed for free, this is an XML automated feed that can be pulled on a schedule from your Google Merchant Center account. this one considers all product options and allow you to customize every field of the feed at the product level directly from the product's advanced tab. We still show the legacy TXT file export for the google feed since some merchants are still using that to manually manipulate the file before uploading it themselves to Google.

        There might be some confusion around a paid setup service our marketing offers, this is not for the feature but for a Google Certified specialist to actually login to your Google Merchant Center account and do all the setup necessary, correct any issues and make sure the feed is processed correctly. This setup service is completely optional and has nothing to do with getting access to the Google Feed in your 3dcart control panel.

        Hope that helps!


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          Thanks for the clarification.


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            Sorry, I did not get copied on the communications. Must not have my setting correct... Anyway...

            I have used the xml and txt google exports. We always have had to export, modify, add data and then send to google. We had the old feed working for years running a script to make the needed changes. One issue was free shipping. We could never figure out how to get items with free shipping to show in the feed, and a couple of other issues. My it guy left and I got tired of running the script, really, I am old and forget to run the xxx thing. So, bright idea, going to use a service.

            Why a service, the free feed does not work (for me at this time) - neither one of them, xml or txt....The new xml feed has been a real challenge.... I have worked on this for many months. Just trying to figure out what triggers inclusion seems to be a secret. It's really not a secret, but there is little documentation on the new feed and most of the staff don't know the answer. Yes, there is documentation - but what about products with free shipping? No one seems to know the answer. I am sure someone does, but I cannot get to that person. When I run into an issue, days and then months go by trying to figure out how to make it work. Send a ticket in, wait for a response - by the time i get helpful information, I have moved on trying option b or c, circle back, respond to their response, wait, etc.

            I did not have the option of time. So, I worked with a third party during this whole process to get my feeds to google (plan b). Did I mention, Google doesn't know either. Same process - Send a ticket in, wait for a response - by the time i get helpful information, I have moved on trying option b or c, circle back, respond to their response. Add that they are all in the Philippines now!!

            Also, google feeds changed and added local ads and shopping actions. Totally different feed needs/requirements. Just trying to get to the right department now is a challenge. And bugs, all the new stuff Google is doing has bugs. When I run into those, it is a battle. If you get a lazy tech, they try to make you think its a problem on your end just to get you off the phone....

            "We have provided the relevant details to the appropriate team for investigation, which may take up to a week for review. Once we have their response, we will get back to you immediately."

            Seriously, they will get back to me Immediately!!!

            "Please allow 1-2 days to see your local product status change from ‘pending’’ to ‘active ’in the Diagnostics section of your Merchant Center account." This took 14 days.....

            Google bugs: not activating products due to nudity, when the product is a green seat cushion with no person in the image.....Other, Goggle refunded a customer (and took the money out of our account) when their dog ate the product. Really, we had to dispute this.....

            We have all the feeds working - working with google and third party to fix final bugs. Over 90% of products are live now. Found a new bug with our feed this morning - causing some of the rejected products.
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