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    I needed to merge two 3dcart sites. I contacted sales. I would need to clone one site and copy all product information from the second site into the first. Sales: Yes, we can do this. Customer: Great - how much. Sales: x to clone and x to move products. Customer: Great, expensive but if 3d cart does it - they will do a great good job, I mean, you know it is their product right.....

    Next day. Customer ok, this includes moving everything. Sales: yes Customer: Everything Sales: Yes.

    Next communication. Sales: Tech says you will need three services to move everything.

    Customer: OK, just get it done fast.

    Sales: Images are not part of the migration. We only move over product data.

    Customer: What!! how are images not "Everything"

    Sales: We will move the images.

    Customer: Great, let me know when it is done. This is taking too long.

    Customer: I shot off emails to everyone "Is the project finished."

    Tech support: According to our webmaster, all product data including images were migrated into the store last Friday, March 20th.

    Sales: I see you contacted another rep. Did you check the site? I forgot to notify you.

    Customer: Yes, I checked the site, that is why I am contacting you. The products are not in the correct category. Did you check the site?? We discussed where to put the products at the beginning of the job. I set up new categories to replicate the exact same categories from the original site

    Sales: 3dcart created a new category, and put all the products in the new category.

    Customer: Why?

    Sales: Your question well be redirected to our webmaster. I do not do the actual migration, I simply place the order for you.

    Webmaster/sales??: Unfortunately, I believe we had a misunderstanding of what our CSV migration service includes. Our webmasters were responsible for exporting a product data CSV file from one website and importing them into the next.

    You purchased three webmaster tasks in total to move the following product data:
    Product Listing Data
    Product Options
    Advanced Product Options

    Data is moved AS IS. This means they will not rearrange products into new categories. The products will migrate in the same exact category format as the previous store.Our webmasters cannot assume what new category you would like each product assigned to.

    For future reference, images are not included in the CSV import service but were migrated FREE of charge because I personally took blame for not mentioning this to you.

    With that being said, I can confirm that the service you paid for has been completed.

    Customer: But they didn't put them in the same category?? I will just fix it myself...

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    Customer: You messed up moving the products. The gtin numbers were truncated. Please correct.
    Support: We are looking into this.

    5/22/2020: No response yet..
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      Chris Back in March we addressed this with the sales rep and also imported the images. Afterwards you send an email to the webmaster stating everything was good. We haven't heard about any issues regarding the migration since then. You sent a ticket in on 5/21/2020 regarding the GTIN numbers, a Supervisor responded the same day saying,

      Posted on: 21 May 2020

      Thank you for contacting our support team. Just wanted to give you the heads up that we are still looking into this for you. As soon as we have more information, we will be sure to provide you with an update. We thank you for your patience.

      Alexandrine Francois
      3dcart Technical Support Supervisor
      1-800-828-6650 Opt. 3

      We are still working on this and will update you today via the same ticket we replied to. ( ZJQ-741-35324 )


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        You know, in the time it took you to respond, you could have found the issue and fixed it. Yet, I still wait...patiently. Maybe this will help. In the product import done by support on 3/16/2020 (products_82_3-16-2020_45321), the gtins were truncated. I am sorry, but the issue was brought to my attention yesterday...

        Just to clarify - again, not argue - When a project has many steps, 1,2,3, 4, 5, or even 6 parts. At step 4 someone states, we completed step 4 and I respond, "All is good" does not mean the project is completed, over. The "all is good" was in response to moving the images...that step of the project...

        Thank you for pointing this out - again. I learned my lesson. Next time I will say step 4 appears to have been completed successfully.
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          I almost said, "Looks Good" out of habit - but I didn't.

          5/22 Thanks for fixing the GTINS. The GTINS appear to be correct.
          Last edited by Chris; 05-22-2020, 04:04 PM. Reason: I have to be careful what I say.