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Need help adding checkbox for Return Policy

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  • Need help adding checkbox for Return Policy

    Hi Folks,

    Our site sells medical equipment, and we have been having issues with customers wanting to return masks that have been removed from their original packaging and tried on. The FDA has regulations that forbid the reselling of medical supplies that have been removed from their packaging due to cross-contamination issues. Although this is clearly stated in out Return Policy, I suspect that a lot of customers do not bother to read it, and we have been having an increasing number of masks returned without any prior return authorization, which in some cases results in a chargeback. I would like to set up a checkbox to force them to read the return policy and checking an agreement box before proceeding with the order. I know that there is a way to add questions to the checkout pages, but I did not see any way to put in a hyperling to the Return Policy page or a way to require reading it before proceeding.

    Has anyone else set something up like this? If so, how did you do it?



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    you can add the checkout question as required and then somehow insert a "open in new window" hyperlink to your return policy in the text area of the checkout question. Might be on the html page of checkout 3 or 4, I think.

    On my checkout pages I just went in and modified the text area (ie: changed the text to read: enter your shipping information below, your billing information will be collected on the following page.) This helped customers checkout, I think. :)