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Pictures on Invoices - is it possible?

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  • Pictures on Invoices - is it possible?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to add a thumbnail image to the invoice_print.html file? I have tried and tried to figure it out and just cant seems to do it...

    I have went through a lot of html today - changing the layout of the product pages and making it so that my cusomters dont have to click "display rates" on the checkout page to see all of the shipping options...among other things... and I think it might be simply that I am on html overload...

    Any help would be great... and any suggestions for our site would be welcome as well...
    Have a magical day,

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    The first thing you would do is upload your image to your cart, in the /web directory.

    For example, if you uploading an image called tinkerbell.jpg to the web directory, the tag to use in the invoice_print.html would be:

    <img src="">


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      can that image file name be assigned to a variable? Hard coding each invoice will get a little old. ;)



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        Would the same variable for the shopping cart work?


        Seems the invoice has different variable tags than the view cart.