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    Is that the up-sell feature?
    I saw "Browse Similar items" in one page and now I can not for the life of me find it again. Anyone know where this is located? :confused:

    UPDATE: Nevermind, I finally found it. When you have an item that is in more than one category, when you select that product page, the "Browse Similar Items" appears at the bottom. Is there a place to configure the settings for this?
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    Configuring "Browse Similar Items"

    Did you figure out how to configure / get rid of this feature??



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      Did anyone ever figure out how to disable this feature?


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        Browse Similar Items

        I would like to disable this as well.

        Has anyone found a way to do this?


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          Has anyone found a way to disable this?


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            Did you ask tech (chat) support? They should be able to turn you in the right direction depending on who you get.


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              under settings - general - store settings
              then under the product settings segment, remove the checkmark at Enable Recently Viewed Items


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                I would appreciate some clarrification on this thread.
                1. is this regarding the "Recently Viewed" feature on the Listing page?
                2. If it is, what is wrong with it? Why would you want to turn it off?
                Thank you.


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                  I found that the "Browse Similar Items" section which can be found on the bottom of the page when the same item is listed as compatible with multiple other items can be turned off. Here's what I mean: We have a major listing for a vehicle's accessories. eg. Yamaha YZ125 > Year > Part. When the same part can be used on multiple years, then the section is shown on the bottom of the listing. Here's the link that talks about what it is and how to turn it off.
                  My only problem is that I don't know which CSS file to add the specified style to. Here's the quote in question:
                  "If you would like to prevent the "Browse Similar Items" from displaying, add the following style to your store's active CSS file and it will hide the function.

                  .breadcrumbsBlock { display: none;}"

                  I know where to go to access the CSS files, but which file does this need to by copied to... That is the question.


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                    UPDATE: I called support and the guy I talked to fixed it for me.