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How to disable right click in popup?

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  • How to disable right click in popup?

    We got the disable right click working (just as a trial run).
    We've had many images copied from our site. Now, while the right click doesn't do a whole lot, it does curtail the usage a certain amount.
    We have a watermark and digital signature capability in our photoshop, but, was just trying this out. How can the disable function be extended to the zoomify popup window? That's really where your images will get copied from...?

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    If you're using Zoomify you should be good on right clicks because its a flash environment (so right clicking won't do anything).

    Personally, I find right-click-disabled sites to be pretty annoying... I realize its meant to block people stealing your code and images, but the fact of the matter is that those are EASILY obtainable through other means, and sometimes I actually want to right click for whatever reason :)

    Looking to steal images? Right click disabled? View source and grab the source URL, pop it in your browser and BAM, there's your image. Too lazy for that? Alt-Print screen and crop the screen shot in your favorite image editor. Point being, the stuff you'd disable it for is also the stuff you can do anyway 2 or 3 other ways that you CAN'T stop.

    My advice? If you're really worried about image theft you have to go for watermarks, its the only way to really stop it. A light mark should be enough to deter most, but a skilled Photoshopper can get around that easily (especially if its not ON the product, not the background).

    Point being, I have a vendetta against right-click disablers, :p

    If you're ranked pretty high on Google those'll show up in Google Image Search as well, haha, even EASIER.

    Anyway, you'll be fine with Zoomify on the right clicking, but that probably won't stop those who are intent on making your day stink :(


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      yes, I know all that.
      I was just trying it out for grins. :)
      I guess it's not Zoomify, then. It's whatever the popup window is when you click on product image. I'd like to just have in there.


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        Haha, sorry, as a former punk kid stealing whatever I needed to do get the job done, I have a certain nihilistic view of the situation :p

        Back to the matter at hand: when you load the image after click you're taken to a pop-up with a URL like this:

        Unfortunately, "zoomify.asp" is one of those "100% 3dCart ASP Nonsense" pages that you probably shouldn't edit, even if you could figure it out.

        But if you view source on that page you can see that it's not using the frame.html template, you need to find the template it IS using. Turns out I did, it's at web/assets/templates/common/zoomify/zoomify_image.html

        Open THAT sucker up in Dreamweaver (or whatever you use), pop in whatever javascript is disabling right click, reupload, and that should work nicely.

        I didn't try it, but it seems to make sense. Give it a go!


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          Thanks, that is helpful.
          When I could'nt find it in frame.html I was lloking in listing.html...
          I'll try zoom... :)