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    Hey guys,

    I recently revamped the homepage of our site and I was hoping to solicit some quick feedback.

    My main concern is that's its "too much" haha, what do you guys think? We sell LED and glow in the dark party supplies, so bright and in your face isn't exactly a bad thing, but I just want to see how some outsiders feel about it.

    Anyway, any input is appreciated, thanks!

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    I REALLY like it! ...way cool!



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      Excellent site!! I love it!!!

      My only suggestion would be to maybe shink your "Congratulations" banner some so you get more of your product photography "above the fold". You've got some very cool photography!! Really attention grabbing...

      Did you do the layout yourself? Custom, I take it.

      Again, great job.


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        Thanks for the views, all.

        I did it all myself, graphics, coding, development, etc. We have a fortunate situation here in talented youngsters, lol, I'm 20 and our photographer is just 17 (she's good too, check this product shot out). Thanks for the feedback.

        On the banner: it could definitely me smaller, now that you mention it. I put it up there because it was initially confusing to just see the product shots and what not with no explanation, but I'll make it a bit skinnier.

        Keep it coming, I love to get reviews! :)


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          Wow! What a unique store! Prices seem really reasonable too! If only I could find a use for it!


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            That does seem to be the biggest problem with potential customers, haha. We're looking to post some "party ideas" with pictures and descriptions of how to use our products to make your party the best on the block... I think that would be beneficial. Now to host a jamming party and bring the camera! :D


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              The design looks great. One thing you may want to do is add some content (text) to the index page. Add 1500 words and internal links (even in the footer) as food for SE bots. SE's love content - the fresher the better.


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                The site looks great.

                The animated thumb for the Light Up Champagne Cup is really neat...