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Product Specifications, PDFs and Printer Friendly code

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  • Product Specifications, PDFs and Printer Friendly code

    We would like to have Product Specifications, PDFs and Printer Friendly code.
    We sell equipment and like some of the sites that have little PDF icon that launch a Product Specification Page (PDF), or a Printer Friendly of the listing page, or links to parts manuals and user manuals. We are trying to figure out a way to do this. It would be good if we could input these specific items somewhere in the product import or some other quick method. We tried to do this within the description area of the item, but it's just too tedious.
    Have been exprimenting with the extra fields, and that works somewhat. What about the extrra fields, 6-10. How are you folks utilizing them? We used field 10 to imbed usuage or training videos for that particular product.

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    Honestly, I'd just have a snippet of code in extra field 7 or 8 or whatever that links to your PDF file in a new window. Modern browsers can view them/save them, etc. You could even specify the dimensions of the new window to be as large or small as you want.

    We use the extra fields for pretty much anything that's not the description on the product pages and edit the listing page template to show them where you want. It's an easy way to take care of such things, here's an example of what we do with them:

    The youtube and gallery links are in custom fields, with the defaults removed and the [extra_field_6] tag stuck in where we wanted them to appear. They're more versatile than I thought, just need to get gritty and move those tags around in the listing file.

    Good luck!


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      So you put code in fields 6 - 10 and then just use the [field_name] tag whereever in the listing template?


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        Yup, that's all there is to it. It gives us the versatility of using the same "listing_x" template for many different products while having those custom fields be specific to whatever particular product. I.e., we could put an image link to YouTube right in the template, but that won't do much good if we're using it for many unrelated products. So I just slap the specific HTML code in the extra fields and have those called in the places I desire. Easy Peezy!