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  • Category Page Sorting

    I would like to change the way our products are sorted by default when navigating through our category pages. It seems that the default sort is by price and it can't be changed.

    I was going through some old posts and it seemed that this was not possible in v2.

    I guess this is not possible in v3 either. Is this true? or is there a way to change it? From Store Settings, I can only change the default sort by manufacturer or the sort in the home page, but not on the item list from categories...

    Anybody knows? Maybe I missed it from the settings page... I checked on the category template, but there isn't much I can do from there.


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    GO to PRODUCTS and then select "Sorting". You can sort your listings in each category.
    Also, in the PRODUCTS and then select "edit order by" to change the sorting options on each category for the shopper. A drop-down window is available. If you leave the default "sort by" drop down 'visible', then that is the default sorting used in the First Sentence in this paragraph.
    We added two additional "order by" methods available. We used the first and second custom fields to sort by "manufacturer" and by "product type".

    More info here:


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      Mark - Thanks for the post - I didn't realize you could use the custom fields in the Order By option.

      I do use the Order by field - some of my categories are set to NAME and others are set to NEWEST.
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        Yes, I've been using the extra_field_X field for several new things we are incorporating! :D

        In the Edit Order by section, you can change the "status" for the extra_fields. HOWEVER! do NOT try to move the sort fields around. Leave them where they be!
        We added Manufacturer and Product Type as sort functions, because newest and names really didn't fit our product line.
        In the extra_fields_6 through 10, you can input html. We use the field 10 for product specific videos :cool:


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          Thanks Mark for the info. It's good to know that I can sort products on one category differently than the rest. :cool:

          Since I was trying to sort all my products by name, I was able to sort using a different way. Because I could use the import/export option for my categories, it was much faster. I just changed the value for column 'category_defaultsorting' from 0 (default) to 3 (Name). It worked like a charm!

          Hopefully this info can be useful for others as well! ;)