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Shipping Destination Checkout Question

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  • Shipping Destination Checkout Question

    Since there is a difference in carrier charges when shipping to a business, we've added a Required checkout question asking whether the order is shipping to a residence or a business. Anyone know a way to get this info into the real-time shipping calculator? :)

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    Support added a choice in our admin panel on whether to use residential or commercial rates - not sure if everyone has it, but they should be able to give you the choice if you want... this works for us, because 90% of our orders go to a commercial address. If you actually want the rates to change based on the address (or type of address), then you'd probably have to pay for some custom programming...

    One other thought - residential surcharges are generally pretty consistent (although this may not include all rural surcharges), so you might be able to setup an additional shipping method for UPS Ground - Residential that adds an extra $1.50 or something; I'm not sure most people would choose the residential method that costs more (if they are offered both), but it might work for you.


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      The main issue is Fed Ex Home Delivery. This method will NOT deliver to a business address! And if you choose Fed Ex ground, that WILL delivery to a business address, and it turns out to be a residence, their is a surcharge. :(


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        Definition: Store Settings/Use Residential Rates

        There is nothing in the documentation to indicate what the Store Setting => Use Residential Rates (UPS/FedEx) option does.

        Is this thread indicating then that if you check this box in Store Settings then Residential rates will be used to calculate every order?

        What is the point of having a drop-down for whether the address is residential or commercial if your selection does not affect the shipping rates offered to the user?

        Just need help understanding the functionality... thank you. :confused:


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          I don't think this is a functional feature.
          We couldn't get it to work at all.


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            There is a feature to enable you to give the option at checkout to ask if its a residential or commercial address, however, this was added after 3.0, and so you may have an old template not showing the options.

            Please place a support ticket if the feature does not work as it should and they can help track down the issue.
            Gonzalo Gil
            3dCart Support
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              It works!

              I have the feature enabled I was just trying to confirm whether it actually served different rates via the FedEx API. I hadn't tested it and the thread seemed to indicate that it did not affect the API.

              I just did some testing to calculate rates for the same ship address with each setting and did receive different rates for residential and commercial.

              So it works, yippee!!



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                Why wouldn't it work for all templates? I'll check the template and try again.
                Last edited by Mark; 06-27-2009, 09:36 AM.


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                  Did you check under Store Settings?


                  Have you under Store Settings check the box next to:
                  Allow Address Type Selection?

                  This is what I did to get the box to show up on the Checkout -> Step 1 page.

                  see attached jpegs for reference ...
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                    Store Settings -> Residential Rates

                    Originally posted by jenrasmussen View Post
                    Is this thread indicating then that if you check this box in Store Settings then Residential rates will be used to calculate every order?
                    The info box next the use Residential Rates does indicate that yes, if this box is checked Residential rates will be applied to every order .... Just wanted to clarify since it sounds like we have 2 seperate questions going in this thread.


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                      Yes. I used the proper settings.
                      Apparently this feature does not work if you use single page checkout.
                      Can someone verify it works with single page checkout?
                      Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


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                        Works with single page checkout for me

                        Originally posted by Mark View Post
                        Can someone verify it works with single page checkout?
                        I just enabled single page checkout and validated it is working properly.
                        See jpegs attached, showing different rates with residential and commercial selected under Shipping Method.

                        Let me know if I can do anything else to help ;)
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                          Doesn't work for us! :(
                          We're using template: v30014

                          Time for a support ticket. :rolleyes:


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                            We're using template: v30001
                            good luck! :eek:


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                              we submitted a ticket.
                              But, we are not sure this is a usefull feature unless this same option is available in the shipping calculation page prior to checkout. If it is not there as well, we won't be using is as it would upset customers if we gave out the commercial rate there and then at checkout, the actual rate was more.