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  • Frame.html Help

    I posted this over at ecartreviews as well.

    I'm trying to wrap my brains around editing the 3DC frame.html file but I need some help. I have a relatively simple thing that I need to change and I thought we could all learn and benifit from a frame 'tutorial', hence the reason for my post.

    The first image is the bottom half of my left side menu. Do you see where it say "Headlight Bulbs, Headlight Conversions, LED Flashlights"? I want to put those three links in a 'box' of their own, just like the 'Manufacturer' section below it. I want this 'box' to be named "Universal Lighting".

    This second image is the portion of my frame.html file that controls how this left column menu area looks/works.

    Okay 3DC gurus, pleeeeeease help me understand exactly what I need to do to make the desired changes.


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    Okay, after a little more messing around. Here is what my left column now looks like.

    What I can't figure out is exactly HOW to link to pages within the frame file. For example, where is says "- CATEGORY" is where I want a link to "Headlight Bulbs" to go. I want the background color the same as the others though (not red).

    And then how do I get the hover color to change like the rest of the menu categories do? And how do I get those little orange arrows to appear?

    *gulp* Maybe I'm in over my head here.