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"More Results" not working

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  • "More Results" not working

    Hello everyone,

    I noticed that my "more results" at the bottom of the page when there are more products to be listed in a category are not working. They work fine at the top, but the bottom says:

    More results: Previous Page [PAGE]... [PAGE] PAGE ...[PAGE] Next Page
    I have played with the template a lot and am sure that it is something I did to mess it up, so, I tried pasting the code for the top "more results", which is working, into the area for the bottom, but it still didn't work.

    A good example of this is:

    Before I bug tech support, maybe some of you guys can help. Any idea what is causing this?

    I think I will change my items per page to eliminate a second page because I don't like the idea of multiple pages anyway. However, the problem will still be there in the event I add ever more products to a category and forget to up my products/page.

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    I have the same problem - but unfortunately no solution yet. I haven't spent enough time looking at the code.

    Please post back if you find out a solution.


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      hmm. I assumed I did something when modifying the template. But maybe not. If no one else chimes in I'll submit a support ticket and see what they say. - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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        I glanced at your code and compared it with the template "category_x.html" that I'm using and everything seemed to match up. A lot of the time with this sort of thing you're missing some notification like <!-- START: PAGES--> but I can't find any out of place on yours.

        Just for reference, here's the template code I have for that section, unaltered:

          <!--START: PAGING-->
        			 		  <table width="100%">
        			         	 <tr align="center"> 
        			       		    <td class="font2">
        								<!--START: PREV-->
        								<font size=1><a href="view_category.asp?cat=[cat]&amp;sortby=[sortby]&amp;page=[prev]">[category_previouspage]</a></font>&nbsp;
        								<!--END: PREV-->	   
        							<!--START: PAGES-->
        							<!--START: FIRST_PAGE-->
        							<font size=1><a href="view_category.asp?cat=[cat]&amp;sortby=[sortby]&amp;page=PAGE"><b>[PAGE]</b></a>...</font>
        							<!--END: FIRST_PAGE-->
        							<!--START: PAGES_SELECTED-->
        							<font size=1><b>[PAGE]</b></font>
        							<!--END: PAGES_SELECTED-->
        							<!--START: PAGES_NOTSELECTED-->
        							<a href="view_category.asp?cat=[cat]&amp;sortby=[sortby]&amp;page=PAGE"><font size=1>PAGE</font></a> 
        							<!--END: PAGES_NOTSELECTED-->
        							<!--START: LAST_PAGE-->
        							<font size=1>...<a href="view_category.asp?cat=[cat]&amp;sortby=[sortby]&amp;page=PAGE"><b>[PAGE]</b></a></font>
        							<!--END: LAST_PAGE-->
        							<!--END: PAGES-->
        								<!--START: NEXT-->
        							&nbsp;<font size=1><a href="view_category.asp?cat=[cat]&amp;sortby=[sortby]&amp;page=[next]">[category_nextpage]</a></font>
        							<!--END: NEXT-->
         				  <!--END: PAGING-->


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          Note that the top and bottom paging need to be EXACTLY the same.
          Any changes, even a single white space in 1 but not the other will make them different.

          Easy fix:

          1) Take one of the paging Start to END code, say the TOP ONE.
          Copy the entire thing
          2) Go to the bottom of the template and paste it.

          if you try to make changes to the block, work on 1, then copy and paste it into the other, do not try to make the changes individually as chances are you are going to make one different than the other even if its by a single white space its enough to be different and the code will not be replaced.
          Gonzalo Gil
          3dCart Support
          800-828-6650 x111


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            Thanks for chiming in Gonzalo! That worked great!
   - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors