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    Does anyone know how you can put in images in place of the links on the sub-category pages. I looked all over, and I can't find a place I can do that. It would sure make those pages look better with images instead dull old links.

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    We use it all the time.
    Assuming you mean in the subcategory "categories page" and not the left NAV .

    In category options, just put an image link (ie: assets/images/sample/jpg) in the category ICON field. :)

    Oh, and we also include a little "cagtegory description" short paragraph description that we think looks nice, too. However, when doing that, we like to have symetrical listeing so, we come up with an even number of sub-categories and place them in two colums. Looks nicer that way.
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      Appreciate the explanation, but that's not what I was looking for. I wanted to replace the link names with images on the sub-category pages. But it looks like that's not possible with this system.

      I'll just have to find another way to make those pages look a little better.


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        actually, I tried putting in an image tag src=" " border=0 in the title section and it DID work, however, it broke the page. Interesting experiement. Maybe some code people have an answer.


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          If you want to be really sexy you can just make your own page!

          It's easy, here's how:

          Use your favorite HTML editor (I like Dreamweaver) to create a page (probably with tables, even though they're not preferable they're the easiest to use here). You can arrange images, text, and whatever else just how you want it, just make sure to link all SRC paths to "assets/images/sample.jpg" or wherever you end up putting them, so that they show up right.

          Now that you have your page, go to DESIGN > SITE CONTENT (not "titles and content"), scroll towards the bottom and add an extra page. Click "edit" for that page, there you can add META tags, a custom URL, and paste your nifty new HTML into the field at the bottom (make sure to FTP -or use the file manager- your image files over so that they show up!). Your page is DONE!

          NOTE: I prefer to click "hide link" and then link to the page manually from somewhere else.

          But come to think of it, looking at your site, that'd require you to rework the navigation to be custom-generated and not 3dCart's standard so that you could link to a particular page from a particular link.... BUUUUUUT I already typed all that out so now you have a tutorial if you ever DO need it, haha.