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    We are a few months in with 3dcart and wanted some feedback on our site. :o Please let us know how we can improve. Thanks in advance.

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    anyone? :)
    Curious on the look and load times.


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      Hey there,

      Here are some things that I noticed:

      1. Why exactly are you using a fluid 100% width layout? It should be pointed out that Amazon is the exception, NOT the rule here, lol. Your content in the middle doesn't stretch to fill the space and it's pushing your relevant navigation information to the fringes for no apparent reason. I'd switch to a 980pxl fixed-width page (that's about how much you can fit perfectly in a 1024x768 resolution screen -the most common nowadays).

      2. The little signs in the middle that are used to navigate you to various areas (e.g., click the "hot dogs" sign for "hot dog" signs) are pretty confusing. I basically just clicked them out of reflex, hoping they'd take me to a category of products or something, and then when they DO I'm greeted with yet more unqualified images.

      This one's a pretty simple fix, just lay them out in an orderly grid of some sort and add text stating what's going on. "Click to view Hot Dog signs" or even just "Browse Hot Dog signs" could do wonders for clarifying what to do there. I'm not sure how you set those pages up, but making them more like category pages where you see the price, the description, and instruction to click, would do you well.

      3. The product pages look a little silly on my resolution (1680x1050), but that's just an after-effect of having a fluid width page... you just don't have any control over how the final product will look. I imagine this would be even weirder if I was home on my 24" iMac, there'd be SO much empty space in between everything. I'm just again reiterating WHY I don't like fluid width layouts so much, but obviously it's your call.

      Overall, I like it. Save the few things I mentioned, it is easy to navigate and has the products displayed in a fun manner. I like your trust logo stuff at the bottom and the non-distracting-ness of your layout. Good work, just need to do some tweaking!

      - Jason


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        Thanks for the response. Actually, it's a 90% fluid layout. The reason being, most monitors are moving wide screen and, for the 640 monitors that used at many workplaces, the static width just doesn't work. For example, you can't have two columns of products. It pushes the right and left bars out too far and then you have to use the scroll bar at the bottom. We HATE to have to use scroll bars for websites. there's just too much stuff in the middle for it all to fit. If we could move the Best Sellersw to the left side, it would help, but don't know how to do that. I guess we would have to recode all the templates to use a static width, because in the tables, they are often setup 37% and 63% and such, that things just overlap or carrier feeed, or whatever it's called. The "signs" we have on the home page link you to our food-type product information pages, and we may change that since we do have the "resource" area wherre those pages are located. Thanks for the feedback! :)


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          Oh, by the way, there isn't a 980 fixed width option.

          We switched to 1000 pixels, is that better?
          That make the scroll bar come back for us.
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            You'd be right about 640 resolutions failing, but fortunately nobody uses those anymore. Fact of the matter is, 1024x768 is pretty much the base-line for resolutions. Several years ago it was 800x600 and if your site was bigger than that you were loosing people. Nowadays, if your site's bigger than 1024x768 you're loosing people. Really, it comes down to crippling the experience for the majority of your customers so that a very small minority can enjoy a seamless experience. You have to play to the majority.

            Here are the statistics:

            So, as you can see, you're trying to please 4% (at most) of your customers at the expense of the other 96%'s experience. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone.

            They may be rocking those 640s SOMEWHERE (though I don't know where that would be, haha) but if those folks exist, they aren't browsing online to buy things, so you shouldn't care about what they want :D


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              Originally posted by View Post
              Oh, by the way, there isn't a 980 fixed width option.

              We switched to 1000 pixels, is that better?
              That make the scroll bar come back for us.
              I HATE THAT ABOUT 3DCART

              A glaring error, in my opinion. You DO NOT want 1000px as that causes the bar, as you've already noticed. This is easy enough to fix, however, I'll tell you how:

              Simply edit your frame.html file to say "980" wherever you see "1000", should be one or two times towards the top, table widths. Disregard the selector tool in the admin page and just FTP overwrite the new frame.html file.

              Totally ridiculous, I think... why anyone would want 1000px is beyond me. 3dCart? Can we get that changed to 980? Thanks.


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                Thanks for the feedback.
                Yes, 780 it tooooo narrow, that why we went with 90%
                And, I know the frame file sets it to 1000, but, the frame file is NOT used for all pages! :(


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                  that reminds me, we have a report on the browers and displays used. I should check that! Duh! :o

                  oh, just curios, why is yours set to 986 ?


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                    Is mine set to 986? I think that's the EXACT number where you won't have the bar, but 987 WOULD have the bar. I just use 980 as a base-line number because usually no one frets over 6 pixels.

                    The frame file isn't being used by all your pages? How's that work, and which pages don't use it? As far as I was aware (and this is consistent with how our site functions), the frame.html file was the ... well... the frame, the wrapping, the border of sorts for every page. It sets the width, header information (for external scripts, etc.), sidebars and footer. Every other template should be placed inside the frame template, ergo being restricted to its width, using it's scripts, etc.


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                      I forget now which, maybe I'm thinking of something else.
                      The reason I noticed the 986 is because I see the scroll bar on my antiquated Dell flat screen. Thanks for your help.
                      We switched ours to 980. Care to take another look at our layout?
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                        The bar is showing up? Bummer, I tested it on every browser on several computers, lol. On our other site,, I made the layout a little smaller (closer to 980) but tricked out the BG to make it looks slightly wider, haha.

                        Anyway, I like it now. The sign images fit nicely in the center, you still have plenty of room for information with the left and right bars still in. One thing I may suggest is to cut down the amount of text at the top of your pages. For instance:


                        Do I really need to know that much about cotton candy? lol, I'm not opposed to having the info there, but if it were me I'd cut it down to one paragraph (the first 3 lines on that page would be perfect) and then go straight to the products. if you still want the text on there for information or SEO purposes, just tack it on the bottom, people will read it if they want to (and search engines too) but won't have to wade through text they don't care about to get to the fancy images.

                        Big improvement though, i'd say... It does the most for your product pages, which look a lot tighter and more concise now. Yummy!