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  • Moving the best sellers

    Is there a safe and easy way to move the "Top Sellers" from the right side bar to the left side bar? We use the 000014 template.

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    Should be easy peezy:

    1. Locate the section of the frame.html page that says something like <!-- START BEST SELLERS --> and <!-- END BEST SELLERS --> the stuff in between that is what is going to generate that bit of the page.

    2. Cut that out and paste it in (with notifies intact) on the other side of the table, wherever you want it.

    NOTE: Be careful not to break any tables. 3dCart's templates often have TDs and TRs woven in different sections in cooky ways. How I do it is to identify the broadest table part that's holding the section and make sure I keep that functioning. This may sound foreign but you'll see what I mean when you get in there.

    3. Ta-da, your best sellers will show up wherever you put them. Yummy!


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      Thanks for the reply.
      A question on html. Why is the html "formatted" the way it is, with varying indents, tabs and white space and such?
      Is this layout of the text important?
      Sometime when cut and pasting, you lose the indents and paragraph structure. Does this affect the code?

      Thanks! :)


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        I think they do that to push things in the right direction, but really it shouldn't matter. What is critical is the placement of the [stuff] inside the <!-- STUFF -->

        So long as you keep those intact, the rest of the formatting is to taste. I'll pop tables in there to make it how I want and use the
        code to make spaces where I need them.

        Hope that answers your questions... the [wordshere] stuff is the most important.


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          The reason programmers do that is so other programmers when they have to work on it they can find what they are looking for easier. Some programmers also put in a lot of remark/message lines to explain what they did or to help other programmers find the stuff.

          You found the stuff you wanted to modify a lot easier that way didn't you??


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            This is what I've always used those notifications for as well, personally, but I HAVE found that when moving things around in 3dCart, SOME of the functions will not work if outside of those notification tags... I have no logical way of explaining this, but it's observable, haha. It was my understanding that they were arbitrary and meant just for clarification, but that has proven not the case on more than one occasion for me. Weird, I know... But that's what I've seen :p

            EDIT: It's possible that I was moving some particular [stuff] at the same time and that was causing the confusion that the notifications were doing something, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Very possible though, lol.


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              Yes, I've messed up before, when copy and pasting. Sometimes you can't identify what went wrong.

              If you cut and paste to notepad, for example, and then select and cut and paste back into html, things can go wrong. So, there's something in the formating as well.


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                True, but only so far as the <!-- STUFF --> and [STUFF] goes...

                The tables and what not don't matter, deleting them all is what I do. You just have to make sure the tables that remain still make sense (not any extra TDs or TRs or lack thereof). I'll paste into notepad, cut out all the dribble, and paste back in (again, checking the tables that remain so that they still function correctly).

                Have to be really careful with those tables, sometimes the web they've woven is QUITE tangled.


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                  wrong thread.