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Content Pages Screwed up

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  • Content Pages Screwed up

    Hello everyone,

    Please take a look at my contect pages at my site:

    They are located at the top in the tan colored bar (FAQ, Contact, etc). They look like mini frame.html pages and all content has been lost, although it appears fine in my admin panel?????

    We were messing with frame.html file to change the right banner area, but never touched the middle frame. I have a ticket in for this, but was curious if any of you are/have experiened this.

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    Yes, looks like a frame within a frame!
    Maybe the frame file content got copied to the "BODY" section of your pages


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      What is weird is that ALL content pages appear to be affected. I have not touched those. My guess is that it has to be in the frame file, although I rolled the frame.html file back to the origional revision and it didn't help the problem.

      It is really odd. - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors