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  • e-Product issues?

    Pardon me if this topic has already been discussed...

    Beside the mobile device accessories that I sell, I also carry e-products at my store -- which should never charge buyers shipping and handling. Now recently, these e-products "no shipping" setting are charging my international buyers shipping. How can this be different from my local buyers (US Only)?

    My customers are getting frustrated since everytime they want to complete an order, the shopping cart automatically adds the s/h. HELP!

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    We had the same probelm when our store was launched. I was under the impression that is a product was marked as an e-product that no shipping was even presented, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    If I remeber correctly, we did the following.

    Set the e-product to 0 weight

    The "Free Shipping applies to Domestic" option in the Store Settings is what is causing your problem. If you uncheck this and you offer free shipping on anythings else it will also make it available to international customers which will be very costly for you.

    The only way we were able to counter this is to create a $0.00 weight based shipping option that was available for international customers only, AND ONLY if the product weight was 0. That way the free shipping option is shown to your international customers, but only on e-products, or 0 weight products.