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  • Availability Message?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to put the product availability on the view cart and checkout pages? We have a lot of items that are Back-Ordered and I have a bunch of customers who do not seem to be able to remember what said "Ships in 1-5 Days" and what says "Ships in 7-21 Days". I was thinking if it is on the view_cart page it might be easier for them to remember... I have tried everything I can think of and it just puts [availability] on the page.
    Have a magical day,

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    I too would LOVE to have this feature! I have the same problem--we list the number in stock, and the ship time based on in stock/out of stock. We still get customers who order something that clearly says it will ship in 2 weeks, select Next Day Air for shipping, then have a fit when it isn't in their hands in 2 days. :(


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      absolute necessity

      I need this too. We have a lot of items that are either pre-orders, backorders, or special order and my customers can't seem to remember what items are which when they get to the checkout page.



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        I also think this would be a great feature, especially since it seems to be ignored on my product details page. It would be nice for my customers to be able to see it when it is in their cart too.

        Did anyone find a way to do this?


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          would be nice feature


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            i passed this along to the developers.


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              I don't know if anything was done with this. I know 3dCartRobb said he passed it to the developers.

              I also would like the availability to show up on the customers invoice and invoice email. I tried putting the [availability] in, but instead of showing what it in the availability (ie. ships out in 2-3 business days), it just said "in stock".


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                Did anything ever get implemented with this? I would like to add availability to my customers new order email but all I currently get when I add:

                <!--START: product_availability-->[availability]<!--END: product_availability-->

                is the In Stock wording from the store language page.


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                  We changed the In Stock Message/Out of Stock/Back Order Message in the information tab for each product. Does that work for you?
                  UPDATE: Nevermind, I see that those fields are ignored apparently from the original post.