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    Is there any way to place a button in the poduct listing template that will cause the user's browser to be directed to the category of the product being viewed? I know that this would be easy to do by using one of the extra data fields, but we're using all of them already for product specs.

    For example, I would have a category for a main product, and then all of the products within that category would be individual sizes of that main product. What I would like to have is a button labeled 'See More Sizes' on each product page that would bring the user back to the main category page. It's function would basically be the same as clicking the last link in the breadcrumbs, but it would be more 'in your face' and obvious to the user.
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    I don't know, but this is a great idea. I could imagine us taking this route in a future site we are planning, where the category might be "Jade Gemstone Beads" and the products are 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and so forth.

    You have the solution. You just need more extra fields! These extra fields set 3dCart above and beyond the competition by adding even more flexibility to the very flexible template approach. I hope Gonzalo and Jimmy increase the number and power of these fields in the future.

    For example,

    We can control the language of the extra fields by giving each a feature name. I wish the feature names we assigned appeared on the Product Add/View page. It could be difficult to remember what extra field is being used for what purpose.

    Second, it would be nice if you could assign an extra field to be a link. (Perhaps this can be done already)

    Anyway, hats of to 3dCart for offering this kind of flexibility.


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      I think I have a way to do this, at least for now until we have more extra fields (sorry to be so greedy :D). Since we don't sell any e-products, I used the e-product link database field and then created a button in my listing_0 template that references this field. Works great so far.


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        Smart and creative people... they drive us nuts-o!

        What a GREAT idea!