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    Can anyone tell me is there any GOOD reason to have a link on your site to a Site Map? I have one and thought about deleting it. It's not the type of site map that a person would use, unless they understand HTML. I would think a Manufacturer list would maybe be better? My Site map link is at the bottom if you want to see what I'm talking about.

    I forgot to mention, I do have a Google Site map up. But is this the same site map? In the past on other carts, I had the Google site map, but not a site map link.

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    No answers or ideas? OK... I'll just delete the map.


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      My understanding is that it's good for crawling of your website for search engine purposes since it contains a link to all your site pages.


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        I see no purpose for a sitemap link on the stores page. The product index is fine for spiders to use. I just noticed mine has the link. Must be a automated thing. I will be removing it if I can figure out where it is.
        The store should have a sitemap.xml file if your using google to submit indexes to. But the link is not necessary. My opinion.


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          1 xml sitemap is good for some search engines like google
          2. html sitemaps is good for other search engines like bing
          3. html sitemaps and xml are totally different.
          4. As per my experience in ecommerce, I have had 4 different sites and they had the link with the html sitemap for the clients to see what we have in the cart. Now if you have an ecommerce with 1000s of items is not worthed as you are going to confuse them. Delete the link not the sitemap