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  • Promotional Images

    I assume most of the other store owners here use promotions, but do you use images with your promo items?

    And if you do, where do you get the photos from??

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    Any comments on this??


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      We get product "intellectual property" from our manufacturers that we resell for. Images, cut sheets, etc. Also, some manufacturers even have promotional materials. And, some images and copy we produce ourselves with use a "Light tent" and photoshop software. You can google for an inexpensive photo light tent. HTH

      Here's a real inexpensive one with dramtic results! :-)


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        We also use a combination of photos provided by the manufacturer or we take our own using a light tent like Mark suggested and a Nikon D40 digital camera. Works great for us. We post-process everything in photoshop to correct the color-balance and drop in a white background.

        I'm not sure if this helps. We don't do anything different with photos for promotions that we would for our regular price products.