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  • Input on Checkout Design

    Hello, I wanted to get some input on One page checkout design.

    From a customer stand point is it clear?

    Easy to use? Confusing?

    Look safe or secure? Look good/Bad?

    Two Versions

    Version 1:

    Version 2:

    I have two versions Version 1 has billing and credit card information first, then shipping, calculate shipping and order total

    Version 2 has billing, shipping, and credit card first, then calculate shipping and order total.

    Should note these a VERY ROUGH drafts, some text and graphics are out of place, but I just wanted to get some input on the overall layout/design.

    Would appreciate some honest feedback, which version looks best?

    thanks in advance

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    Hi ThomasR,

    I think both versions look great. However, if I had to choose, I'd probably go with version 2. I just like seeing the billing and shipping information close to each other. It gives the appearance of a more seamless transaction.

    Just my 2 cents...


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      At first glance, did you understand how to complete order?

      It wasn't confusing was it?

      Thanks for the input much appreciated


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        Ok, Hopefully some lurkers will chime in as well

        Made some revisions

        Thoughts on NEW Revised VERSION...

        Version 3:



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          I like the 3rd version best. I think it's good that you put the billing and shipping information closer to the pricing information. Your new design looks great as well.

          Have you been able to transfer your design to a working template yet?
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            I will chime in..I like #3.


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              Oh, wow! I like 2 and 3, but, for ease, #3.

              If you ever, ever, EVER want to share that code, i'd be eternally grateful. I'd send you a nice gift!!


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                Originally posted by Rungreen View Post
                Oh, wow! I like 2 and 3, but, for ease, #3.

                If you ever, ever, EVER want to share that code, i'd be eternally grateful. I'd send you a nice gift!!
                Yes, me too! :)


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                  Ok, still working on it.

                  Right now working on optimizing page (3886 Lines to work with)

                  Unfortunately cant rearrange input fields like original (if I had it my way would put billing and credit card info together like google checkout or paypal)...

                  heres how it looks now, not the same as original but close enough.

                  Version 3 Live:

                  Will post code when complete, thank for the input...much appreciated.

                  Any changes, or suggestions or things that should be add-on please let me know
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                    All 3 are nice, but I think I have to vote for #2. Nice job!!!


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                      3DCart designers I hope you're taking notes - these are GREAT.

                      Personally I ALWAYS want to see my final total before I ever enter my credit card information so I like having payment information last.

                      Very nice.

                      When I clicked on version 3 I was forced to maximize my screen. Make sure it will work with all monitor sizes and resolutions.
                      C Ekman
                      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                        I know I'm late to chime in but I have to agree with number 3--really clean, straightforward and easy to understand, I think. Nice design!


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                          i like 3

                          I like 3.

                          And I second the opinion that 3dcart designers start doing something about their designs and templates.

                          They are horrible looking, outdated. The use of tables within tables within tables, and and the use of blank.gifs are horrible.

                          Even the paid design samples look outdated and terrible.

                          It took me while to try and clean the templates, and still I have couldn't finish them all with the sheer amount of templates. And with the new 3.0 version, it would take another huge amount of effort to update them.

                          I wish there is a basic clean template system to start with (standards compliant with good html coding, like divs for wrappers and li for menus instead of endless tables upon tables)
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                            Originally posted by ScribeTime View Post
                            Yes, me too! :)
                            Me three! Sign me up. I'm a hack at coding and CSS, which explains why it's taken me three years to get my sites up and running. :o


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                              Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

                              Still working on Optimizing page so it doesn't take forever to load.

                              Will post code when complete.

                              Thanks again.