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    Originally posted by View Post
    We think that too much links or references to "security" may be too much. We think it may turn away customers. None of the big box stores have all these references to " security" , so , we leave it out. Just a thought.

    Can you elaborate on which links? Thanks in advance; & all advice, suggestions, and ideas are very much appreciated.


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      Originally posted by GoldenEagleOutdoors View Post
      I have a load of suggestions.....

      You can hide your left banner when people go to checkout, that'll eliminate the nonsecure warning I got

      You can change the way your listing pages or category pages look, I mean the style

      Use Web CEO and take the free training course, that should help with your rankings in the search engines, I've had great success using the free version

      Compare yourself to big box stores, and pick up on some of the stuff they do as far as design goes

      Don't go back to Prostores =)
      No, Not ever again will I do PS. They are the pits! I just d/l Web CEO this evening and I'll do your suggestions too.


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        I think it's just too many links to Trust Guard. I would use only one.


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          Did you have your old web link forward to your new one?

          I changed my web address a couple of years ago. When I opened my business wasn't available so I had to buy

          Then a couple of years later the name I wanted became available. So I purchased that and changed my main website to that site and bought 5 years of URL forwarding for my old site. So if you type in you actually go to

          Just a suggestion to help your old customers find you.
          C Ekman
          Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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            Mr.Wookie we have been through this before lol. Do a redesign change it makes a big differents trust me. I don't care what everyone else saysing it's no big need to do it. That's what make you look different from the rest. You don't want me to have to go through the birds & the bee's like I did in the last answer. If you were you site and your customers were your date do I.:) but yes I'm telling you market you website do some mailers you u need help doing that I can give you my verizon rep name & number and she will help you get someone in your area and it may only cost you $85/m for 2,000 mailers to be sent out or maybe even less:cool: