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Partially Updated Site - Requesting Feedback

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  • Partially Updated Site - Requesting Feedback

    Hello Everyone,

    I've recently completed a partial redesign of our site, including the addition of drop-down menus. I still need to work on the left navigation bar so that it's not so overwhelming with so many categories. I have some ideas to clean it up (which I'm working on now) so that at first glance it won't compete so much with the drop-down menu for the customers' attention.

    it seems like everytime I complete a redesign, sales drop - at least temporarily. In this instance, visits are not down, but sales have been. Even incomplete orders have been down, which makes me wonder if there is some critical problem that I'm not seeing. I also looked at the site in Browsershots and didn't notice anything.

    Although the site design is not completed, if some of you could please take a look at the site to see if you notice anything, I would greatly appreciate it!!

    I'm also open to any feedback as well. :)
    Thank you.

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    My first thoughts are "to much text" in general.

    You have a lot of categories... but you present everything all at once. Perhaps try and lead the visitor down a path to what they want.

    In your logo you have:
    Stationery - Invitations - Personalized Gifts - Corporate Gifts

    I think this seems like a logical place to start, since you have placed importance on these categories. Try and limit yourself to only showing those on the main page.



    And so on... Think about how you use a site... when your presented with a wall of information, its hard to think.

    Here is a mock up of your front page...

    Just a quick movement of elements to give you an idea of what something "simpler" would look like. My guess is also most people use the search function. So your real "discovery" is going to come from the "related items".

    I clicked on the leather book in featured items, then i saw other leather books in the related items... I wouldn't even know where to begin in navigating your site to find that just using menus. (I would have clicked on "stationary --- notepads")

    Hope this helps.



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      I really appreciate you taking time to respond, present, and mockup the visual of a "simpler" site. You're absolutely right - there's too much text. This is what I'm working on right now, simplifying and reducing the amount of text - especially on the left navigation. It's quite overwhelming.

      Part of why I've hesitated to get rid of the categories on the left is because I thought they really helped as far as SEO purposes and ranking well, especially in Google. We rank very well for several keywords, however, I'm now seeing that although we rank well, if people who visit our site aren't comfortable with the site navigation or become too overwhelmed - they'll quickly leave.

      So I'll be moving many of these links all the way to the bottom of the page.
      I will also be replacing many of the text areas with more visually appealing graphics.

      It's the mad dash to get everything corrected and optimized before the holiday season begins....

      I'll post back once I'm done.
      Thanks again.


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        Looks clean. Congrats.


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          Thanks for your feedback and taking the time to look. :)