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Feedback request, and notes on my new CSS product page

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  • Feedback request, and notes on my new CSS product page

    I have been spending the last month or so working on converting my site templates over to CSS. This started with the main frame.html, and I have now just completed a product page.

    I wanted to get some feedback from people as far as if there are any errors that they see, and also give some notes for people who are trying to do it themselves.

    The Page:

    First and foremost I started with a basics two column css layout with a "header" section that includes the product name and images.

    Inside the header section i have "floated" the main image to the left, and floated each individual thumbnail to the right. I did the math to determine what size my main image should be so that it would scale to the thumb, and then the thumb and the main image together are the page width.

    On the two columns with the description and checkout, I followed the same principle, float left column left, and right column right.

    One interesting thing about the related items thumbnails. I choose not to used the "thumbnail" command, but to pull image1 from the product, and then scale it using the "thumbnail.asp" command. I plan on using this command on all future templates that require a thumbnail. This means that i will not have to create thumbnails for each product anymore... It also gives me the flexibility to pull any of the 4 images of a product as a thumbnail dynamically.

    If anyone has any questions about CSS and templates feel free to ask, im not an expert by any means, but having gone through this on my site, i may have some insight.
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