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    I have a website that sells shoes and I would like to let the customer shop by size and more specifically by size that is in stock. With the current setup of 3dcart the only way I can think to do this is to have a seperate product title for each size. Then they can search in the search window "Size 5." I really do not prefer to do this as I have already setup all my products with dropdowns in the "options" section.

    Currently I have categories set up with a broad range. Example: Size 5-10. Then I manually added that product to that specific category. This though won't adjust automatically. I would have to remove that shoe from that category when the sizes 5-10 sell out. Is there some type of programming that can be done to do this type of setup? Customers of mine would really appreciate this as they find it a pain to go into the product and find that their size they want is out of stock. They would like to just search size 5 and then it would show everything we have in stock in size 5.

    you can see how the customer can search by size



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    That might be handy for us too. Hope someone has some ideas :)


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      Have you guys figured this out yet? I am stumped as to why 3dcart put coding in the Category_0.htm page for sorting and filtering but then it doesn't work. Tech support doesn't have a clue about coding. The guy even told me no one there knows what the coding does and they can't help!!

      It doesn't make sense to put coding on a page unless it can be used.

      I am looking into this more to figure out how to make it work. If you guys figured this out I would appreciate the help. If not and if I can figure it out I will post back here what I found.



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        I put in a ticket with support and spoke with Jimmy. I'm not sure what exactly your company is looking to do, but they were able to help us with an advanced search programming. They go with a company called fusionbot (which has been great to work with.) You might want to talk to Jimmy for your specific needs. There was an additional charge though :(



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          Hi Sean,

          Thanks. Sorry I did not respond quicker. I appreciate your help. I also talked to 3dcart and they told me the coding is there for a filter that they want $800 additional for. It would be a nice filter but we'll wait to see if we really need it.

          Thanks for your help and time.