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  • 3dcart live chat

    For those of you that use the live chat from 3DCART, how is it working for you??

    Is it reliable? Do you ever have any issues with it??

    I was thinking of dumping mine for the one 3D has, so I'd like some input on how reliable it is.


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    I found it very reliable, but after 3 months I think I only had a handful of customers who actually used it, so I turned it off.


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      I did not like the one 3dcart provided at all. For one thing it wouldn't make sound when someone needed to chat, so if I was in the other room, too bad.

      I use another one which I've been happy with:
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        I rarely have anyone use it. The only issue I have had was that someone would click the live chat button (I could see the request on the monitor) but it would take forever (1-2 minutes) for me to get the notification - so I couldn't answer them.

        However I had 3DCart test this with me and when we tested it it worked great- so not sure what was going on.

        I keep it on when I'm at my computer - but I work alone - so it's not a big deal - Overall I like it.
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          We use providesupport as the chat supplier (the same one 3d carts built in one does). However, we went straight through their software, as opposed to the one 3d cart had built in. We wanted some additional features that 3dcart didn't have built in.

          As this is our busy season - the chat has been busy. We've been doing about 10-15 chats a day. We are at about 1,500 - 2,000 unique visitors a day, so as a percentage of actual customers, it's not extremely high. However, nearly every time we do use it, we are able to close a sale. The chat software itself works very well.