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  • New Site Feedback needed

    I would appreciate to receive any feedback on my new site that I recently finished. I would love to hear about design, speed and ease of use.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Very, very nice site. Definitely one of the best 3dcart sites that I've seen. The design is clean, stylish and easy to navigate.


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      I agree, very, very nice site. I would drop the verticle shadow lines, however, Distracting to our view. Other than that, top notch. Bravo.


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        Thank you so much for the positive feedback. It's great to hear good reviews after hard work. I started in Volusion and left them after a month, when I realized that I can't change hardly anything. 3dcart is really great, as you can do anything you desire.
        Thank you all!


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          What did you have trouble changing in Volusion? I am still there with another store but am looking at 3dcart for maybe another store in the future. Just looking for comparisons.


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            Volusion has great store management software. But I like to design my own template, and there is no way to change anything within their template, except the frame. I called them and they verified that everything within the template itself can't be changed. After checking 3dcart - I was so happy that all the design is in my hands and not theirs. I can also add lots of different features into my pages in 3dcart, which you cannot do in Volusion. For those who like to have their own way, Volusion is not the answer!


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              your background when i scroll up and down the page it blink.
              all the rest look very good


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                Very nice! Clean, easy to navigate--great job!


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                  I agree with all above, very attractive and clean. Nice job.

                  I am about done dialing in my layout here:
                  One thing I am going for is a purely CSS (table-less) layout that validates 100% XHTML 1.0 strict.


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                    Late chiming in here, but I agree. Very clean and very professional.

                    I see the background blinking as I scroll too, but it doesn't bother me... just the nature of that type of graphic. I wouldn't have even noticed had it not been mentioned.

                    Not sure why you're opening all of your bottom and free shipping links in a new window. Doesn't bother me too bad... just don't see the point. You might have a good reason.

                    Anyway, looks great.

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