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  • New Website Looking for Reviews

    Hey everyone,

    I've only had the 3dCart software for about 2 weeks, so please don't judge too hard.

    I am looking for some overall feedback on the layout, design, and navigation of my site.

    Also, please alert me to any bugs/glitches you come across.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review my site!

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    Anyone have some suggestions or critiques?


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      I took a quick peek. But I think it looks fantastic. I especially like your homepage. Will take a closer look around hopefully this weekend.

      Great job!


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        Great looking site, Joe! I was easily able to navigate and the presentation is very professional. Job well done! :)


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          looks great!

          who did the custom site design? Did you guys do this on your own or was this a 3dcart design?

          We have been thinking of changing our design but arent sure how easy it would be.


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            I did the design myself and then wrapped it around the 3d Cart shopping cart.

            So far, it has not been easy to tweak all the custom content pages to look right, but it is a work in progress.

            I did the design in Photoshop then chopped it up for the web.

            Thanks for all the positive feedback!


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              Very Nice

              Chef Joe, I think your site looks dang good.
              Congrats on such a fine design on your own.
              We supply via drop ship or bulk order to many of the cooking and grilling related sites on the web. Would love to help you stock up your "Outdoor Cooking" section.

              Please shoot me an email for price sheets and account set up.

              [email protected]


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                great looking site, loads slightly slower - but compared to the looks that is acceptable.
                I think your recipees should be left aligned or at least each section in a left aligned box (that might be centered) but align the text.

                I dont like the dark checkout, .com, and site map (at bottom). you seem to want to de-emphise that so perhaps a dif way by making the .com smaller? or a dif color (other then a dark color).

                make the email at bottom clickable I would think.


                oh and I dont really like your red border. perhaps fade it slightly or bevel it or change it to 1 pixel, or a different color perhaps?


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                  Thank you for those suggestions.

                  I too would like the View Cart & Checkout to be white, but I can't figure out how to change those link colors without making all links within body text from changing. Any suggestions?

                  I will link the email in the bottom. Nice catch.

                  The recipes are aligned left, and look perfect in Firefox, among other browsers. The centered-text issue seems to be in IE. Is that the browser you were viewing them in? Any suggestions for fixing this table issue?

                  Thank you for your help!


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                    ie is right.
                    I looked in firefox and it looks great (exactly like you want)

                    I noticed error here
                    function check_and_add(formx)

                    if (document.add.std_price==null)
                    {var readytoadd=validateValues(formx,1)if (readytoadd==true){ document.add.submit();}
                    missing a ; between the 2 statements (formx,1)if
                    should be (formx,1);if
                    so that if it stacks then no javascript error.

                    that whole lower block is <table align="center"

                    then perhaps in the td that holds the ul's add <td align="left"