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category_header on listing_0.html always blank?

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  • category_header on listing_0.html always blank?

    Hey all ...

    I'm trying to make the "Header" field on a category show up on all products pages within that category. Looking at the original listing_0.html, there's a table row about line 26 that is "<!--START: CATEGORY_HEADER-->"

    But when I set the header for a category, the header is shown on the category page, but not on the products pages.

    I've even placed random text above, inside and below the CATEGORY_HEADER comment tags and all that text shows. Viewing the source, the comment tags are displayed but it looks like the [CONTENT] field is coming back empty.

    How do I get the header from a category to show on all child pages?

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    You can submit a ticket at and we can have one of the designers take a look at it for you and point you in the right direction. They are not in on the weekend so if you submit it today, they will respond the early part of next week.


    Robb Muise | E-Commerce Specialist
    Phone: 800-828-6650 x118
    Mobile: 920-471-0858