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    We created a "Featured Vendor" page to help promote some of our products and to give customers a sense of the quality and committment that goes into those products. Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms? Do you think this is a valuable tool to customers? If so, we would like to create similar pages...
    Thanks in advance. :)

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    It looks nice and neat, especially with the video on top of the images. My only question is... Where are you going to have the link for it on the home page because you do have a lot going on in the home page and I think it might get lost in the mix.

    Great idea though, especially for vendor relations.

    Side Note: I really have to send you a message on the best funnel cake mix since I am a funnel cake junky...Haha..<--- (Seriously... its an addiction for which I will NOT seek therapy ;0)


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      The link is in our right sidebar. We had the video and images, just not sure how to present them. They're a great company! :)


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        I think it's great, and I'm sure your customers will appreciate it--people are always interested to see how and where their favorite products are made. We're actually planning to do something similar for our retailers (since we're the manufacturer), just to give them a little sales boost.

        Nicely done!