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Website Review Needed, please send comments!

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  • Website Review Needed, please send comments!

    Hey everyone.

    I'm always gotten some great feedback from you all in terms of my website's progress.

    I've done a major overhaul to my website, and I really like the way it is going.

    I'd like you to please take a moment and review my website. I welcome ALL feedback; both positive and negative. I've made a lot of changes to my site based on reviews from other 3d Cart store owners within this form.

    Thank you in advance. If I can do the same for your site, please send me the link and I would be more than happy to offer my suggestions!

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    The home page has good aesthetics. The images are nice and clean but the links should be with the images instead of a small text link within the image. This gives the person on the site another option to navigate aside from just the top menu.

    You also have a css menu error on the home page which probably translates on each page as an error.

    The "Let's Talk" text is way to plain and does not blend well with the remainder of the site. Of course this is one guys opinion. It would be great to hear what others have to say with additional input.

    The Category pages also look good.

    Make sure to add your copyright "date" in as well

    Overall: looks pretty good.


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      Thanks for your feedback!

      Do you have any suggestions for making the store name text pop a bit more?

      Also, I believe I fixed the menu js error. Please go back onto the site and let me know if you are still encountering that error message.

      Thanks again.


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        I think the home page looks nice - but I would agree the first thing I noticed is none of the images are clickable - the images as well as the words showing below them should be clickable, even if they all go to the same page.

        You need a graphic type logo for the name. I just noticed your Facebook page - the logo you show there looks nice. I would incorporate that into the left corner logo area and maybe change the center graphic a little accordingly.