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My 3dcart website - Reviews welcome!

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  • My 3dcart website - Reviews welcome!


    I have been reading around the forums for a few weeks now and finally got signed up! This being my first post, I'll introduce myself. My name is Brian and I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia (Olympics!)

    We started working on my template back in December and am still working on it! We sell headsets of all sorts (bluetooth, corded, wireless, unified communications etc etc...)

    Our link is: - Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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    It's clean and very professional looking. Easy to navigate. Product photos are uniform and consistently very professional.

    Just one small issue I really notice from my quick click-through:

    Why are there different page widths as you go from one page to another? Probably not a big deal, but if you could eliminate it I think it would be a good move. Sometimes people like to size their windows to just fit the page they're on and leave room for other windows or applications. Would bug me just a bit if I had done that, navigate to another page and suddenly have horizontal scrolling.

    One other thing... I think I'd put more than 6 items on a single page. I can't really think of any concrete reason why this should be changed. Probably just personal.

    It's looking really good! Welcome to the forums and best of luck with your site.

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      Thanks a lot Mike. Really appreciate the feedback.

      I've gone ahead and adjusted the products per page. As for the varying width of the page, I never even took that into consideration.

      We've just got email confirmation from our Merchant account that everything has gone through and we should be LIVE this week!