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Image instead of "Add to Cart" button?

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    Thanks for the input.

    Here's the thread where I posted the codes for the major buttons.

    As far as the DMC thread: it's a nightmare (500 + colors). Stitchers, order DMC by the number. The patterns they get have the #'s required and frequently don't even list the color name, designers know them. We listed them in groups of about 75 per in numerical order so people could select multiple colors/quantities on one page. Every group has greens/blues/reds/etc with no logic.

    Color charts are almost useless since some are so close you can't really tell the difference even live and they appear differently on every computer. We are going to do different pics (on the list) for two of the selections since the are a blend of multiple colors to differentiate from the standards.
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      Ouch! That's a lot of colors. Like I said I don't know anything about your products and since you explained the patterns have the colors by number that makes sense. Sorry I opened my mouth!

      Thanks for the link on how to do the buttons. I'll give it a try again.