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Product thumbs open wrong size main image

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  • Product thumbs open wrong size main image

    I'm wondering if someone might point me in the right direction.

    I enlarged my product images and my product thumbnail images on my product page by changing the maxx= parameters for those images in the product listing_x.html file -- which works fine.

    In this case I have:
    maxx=500 for the main image
    and maxx=150 for the thumbs

    However, when I click on any of the thumbs, a smaller (300px) image comes up, rather than the large size (500px). ( I do have all large size images uploaded and I do have the max image variables set to the large size in my store settings).

    I thought the image parameters that control the image switching might be of issue, and I thought they might be in a js file, but I can't seem to find anything that might control this.

    Can anyone explain where the code is that controls the thumb image switching / size - or if I'm missing something simple.

    Thnx, Nick
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    I think I had a similar problem. Try, first, clearing your cache (store settings). Then, upload the main image. Don't click on "use image as thumbnail" option (checkbox). Instead, use the option on the thumbnail editor to turn the main image into a thumbnail. Make sure you hit "save." It also helps to clear all images out by deleting the image file names and hitting "save" before trying to insert images. I hope this makes sense... and I hope I'm understanding your issue.



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      still no luck - images wrong size

      Thanx for the reply HDL. I tried everything you suggested - still no luck.

      I cleared the cache.
      I deleted all the image links from the product page (saved)
      I deleted the images from the server (via file manager)
      Verified they were gone (via FTP)
      I cleared the cache again
      I uploaded the main image via the product page (no thumb option - checkbox)
      I uploaded a second image and then saved the product page.

      Still - on the shopping cart:
      When I click on the thumbs, 300px images replace the main 500px image.

      Any other thoughts appreciated ... Nick


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        Try uploading your pics via ftp. Seems like I had the same problem when I imported my pics through the cart admin.



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          Still does the same thing

          Thnx for the reply John,

          It still does the same thing. Still wondering if it is coding issue somewhere.



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            If you upload images via the admin, the large and thumbs will be automagically resized by the SETTINGS>GENERAL settings you have for the store images. However, only one size parameter is used for the resizing. I forget which, whether the width or height. One or the other is ignored. This puzzled us for a long time. Do you have this code in your listing template?
            HTML Code:
            <a href="#" onClick="popupsimple('zoomify.asp?catalogid=[catalogid]&image=' + selectedimage ,500,500);"><img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image1]&maxx=300&maxy=0" align="middle" border="0" id="large" name="large" alt="[name]" ></a><br>
                          <span name="imagecaptiont" id="imagecaptiont" class="item">[imagecaption1]</span>
            Try putting a high-res image (of the same name) in your zoomify folder and see what happens.


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              Hi Mark.
              Yes I do have that code, it is what I changed to make the main image larger:
              I changed the maxx=300 to maxx=500

              <a href="#" onClick="popupsimple('zoomify.asp?catalogid=[catalogid]&img=' + selectedimage ,500,500);"><img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image1]&maxx=500&maxy=0" align="middle" border="0" id="large" name="large" alt="[name]"></a><br>
              <span name="imagecaptiont" id="imagecaptiont" class="item">[imagecaption1]</span>

              I also changed the maxx=75 to maxx=150 in the similar code for thumb images 2, 3 and 4.

              <a href="#" onClick="javascript:image_click(1);return false;"><img border="0" src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image1]&maxx=150&maxy=0" name="pimage1"></a>

              Those code changes did change the size of the product images to 500px and 150px. It is only when I click on one of the thumbs (150px size) that the main image comes up at 300px rather than 500px.

              I also have the 500px and 150px settings in "Settings > General > Store settings."

              I added the large images to the zoomify folder. That did not change anything. Except that I could no longer get the popup image when I clicked on the main image. I just get an error message in the popup window.


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                my guess is a setting in the thumbnail.asp
                but, that's way over my head. :confused:

                for zoomify, check here:


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                  IN case any one needs this:
                  From Danny at Tech Support

                  Hi Nick,

                  You simply need to look further down within the code into the java script of the listing page. Look for the following line:


                  This is what is controlling the size of the image after clicking on the thumbnails.

                  For the pop up window size, look for the following in the listing page:

                  zoomify.asp?catalogid=[catalogid]ℑ=' + selectedimage ,500,500

                  The 500,500 is what designates the size of this pop up window. This this to be whatever dimensions you wish to open with.


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                    Thanks for posting the tip! :)