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A little help with tables please

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  • A little help with tables please

    So I changed some stuff on the frame of the page. When I publish the page and look at it words appear that I have in the brackets just for my shopping cart stuff on the right side of the page. You don't see the words if there is something in the cart but when the cart is empty i see stuff like [ITEM_NAME] ,[CARTSUBTOTAL], and a few other things. Like I said when the cart has an item inside of it. It runs smooth and I dont see those at all. But when the is empty I see it.
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    You need to keep intact the special comments that surround the cart stuff in the original template. On mine, it looks like this:

    <!-- shopping cart start -->
    <!--START: shopping_cart-->
    <!--START: shopping_cart_full-->
    <div class="shopping-cart">
    Shopping cart stuff goes here
    <!--END: shopping_cart_full-->
    <!--END: shopping_cart-->
    <!-- shopping cart end -->


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      Sweet that fixed it. Thank you very much. I guess when I was bringing the code over I missed that part when I copied it.