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  • Image Gallery Image Size?

    I'm trying to make my image gallery images 500px x 500px; and the thumbs larger as well. I searched the forum but only found two other related, but much older posts, and with no answers. Hence why this new post.

    I changed the image size parameters in templates > common > gallery > gallery_data.xml (which has the parameters that control what the gallery looks like). However, only the stage container for the images changes size, not the actual image. The actual image remains at 400px, no matter if I put in a smaller or larger value of imgWidth and imgHeight. The same occurs with the thumbs: the thumb containers get larger if I increase the thumbWidth and thumbHeight, but the actual thumb images remain at 50px wide.

    The question: Does anyone know if there are parameters somewhere that control the actual image sizes in the gallery. Or is this in the flash file (gallery.swf) perhaps, and thus not adjustable?

    Not pertinent to the above question, but in case someone wonders: I also changed the size parameters in the flash embed code, which controls the entire flash size - to be able to encompass the larger images and larger thumbs. This is in templates > common > gallery > player.html (there two sets of height and width). I also changed the height and width parameters of the popup window for the gallery, which is in the listing_x.html template (in the image5 table cell).

    Thnx for any help, Nick