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Here is my store..Please check it out.

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  • Here is my store..Please check it out.

    Thanks for all of your help so far. I hope that I havn't been too much of a pest. Here is my store for anyone who would like to review it and comment.

    I have been working on it for quite some time and have gotten enough inventory in it now to least start wanting to get it in the search engines. I have submitted to MSN, Google and Yahoo. Yahoo is carrying almost all of my pages whereas MSN and Google only the main page. I know that directory submissions and links are the next big thing. I want to add a couple of articles to the resource sections before I submit it to the Yahoo paid directory next week. Working on getting into Google Base but am having problems with my submission so far. As far as paid advertsings could anyone comment on what they used to get started?

    I am just learning to ftp and do not have all of the design knowledge that many of you have but realize that I had better learn fast.

    Anyway here it is. If anyone has time please critique away.


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    Hi Nancy,

    I LOVE the look, great pictures, great descriptions. Very easy to browse.
    It's nice to see another antique shop using 3dcart.
    I can't help much in the way of SE optimization, I paid a company to do it for me in February and am just seeing some results now, so it can take a while for the SEs to pick up your individual items. The resources pages are fantastic. Good related content is very important, and you are off to a good start.

    I have used Adwords and Overture in the past, but find my conversion rates extremely low, even with very targeted key word phrases. Probably, because most people searching my keywords are researching their own antiques...not really looking to buy.

    Your best bet is to target Vintage Jewelry forums, and other places where your customer base might find you.
    Here is one Vintage Jewelry forum
    I get a lot of good info from the Auctionbytes forums.

    If you get Google Base figured out, please share with me!

    My best of luck to you!

    Material Pleasures


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      Thanks for your reply and advice. I love your store. My other love is vintage and antique linens. Your probably not anywhere near me but I have a basement full of wonderful antique linens and quilts, etc. that I should do something with.

      I chose jewelry for my website because I felt that I could compete a little better shipping wise (way up here in Canada), but I pretty much love hunting for all vintage and antique items.

      Thanks again for taking the time to reply. I have a long way to go and any and all advice is appreciated.



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        Nice site. Well done. Only one small comment . . . on your home page I would recomend getting a couple product images a bit closer to the top so visitors don't have to scroll down to get a taste of what you offer.

        Keep up the good work.



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          One small change

          I don't know anything about your market, so I can't say much. However, I would suggest creating a size template for your thumbnails. Right now, some pictures are taller than others and it makes the rows of items uneven.
          Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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            Nice site, 2 things that I noticed,

            1 you should consider a "home" link when clicking on your header image. I generally use this to get back to the home page and it seems most site have this set up.

            2 it would be good to browse your products by price range. This option is available under
            Settings>general>store settings-

            One other thing I noticed, I use Mozzilla as my browser and noticed the word "brooches" on your home page to be a different font and size than the rest of the text.

            Good luck with it.