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Can someone tell me how to change fonts in "print invoice" template?

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  • Can someone tell me how to change fonts in "print invoice" template?

    I want to change to a smaller font to fit more items on the page.

    When I go into the template editor and access the invoice_print.html file, I see that there is a line that says <tr class="report-font2">. I'm assuming that is where I need to make my change, but I'm not sure where the different fonts are defined.

    Can someone offer some help on this?


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    My suggestion is to check in Settings>Designs>These and Styles>Edit Look/Colors>invoice_title
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      Here is what I had to do to change my invoice template.


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        Here is the reply that I got from 3dCart:

        "I spoke with our designers and the class does not actually exist at the current moment, which is why the text is very standard. The idea was to assign the class so that if you wanted to change it you could go into the CSS and add the reference and create the class to have it match what you wanted."

        They also suggested that I could define the classes in the html file for the invoice template instead of the CSS. What is the name of the CSS file?

        BTW, I also posted this in the thread that you listed, just in case someone needs the information there.


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          CPAP, probably just a case of hitting the right support rep. I know that once we made the adjustments mentioned in my thread I could change fonts using the linked css without issue.