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  • Listing changes delayed?

    I've been playing with the product page layout lately after reading some other threads. I got really frustrated because I couldn't figure out which listing page to use because my changes wouldn't show up after I ftp'd the page to my template folder. Then some changes I made showed up on my website the next day. I haven't figured out why. This has puzzled me for a few days now. I want to try a change but I can't see it until later in the day or the next day. I've tried refreshing, restarting browser, viewing from another computer...I can't make the updates appear on the website. Is this normal?

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    I know this sounds completely unrelated to your question, but after you make changes to your template, go to Settings > Design > Store Language. Click that "Save Changes" button at the top, and a miracle will happen. You'll be able to see your template changes immediately afterwards. Go figure. :)


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      Hi. Make sure that you turn off the store cache. Go to Settings>General>Store Settings, and go all the way to the bottom. Make sure to uncheck the Enable Cache box if you want your changes to update right away. Or, after you make the changes, go there and click Clear Cache. Once you do that you should be able to see the alterations.
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        Much relief. thanks for the help


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          In FF clearing the cache doesn't always produce immediate results either especially CSS changes. piafs method seems to work every time.