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Random selection of products on home page?

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  • Random selection of products on home page?

    Right now i have six placeholder items on my homepage ( ). Since the new_releases code block does not work inside home.html, is there any good way to have some kind of random selection of products rotate through my page? Ideally I would like to set up a selection of 20-50 appealing products with good pictures, and have them rotate through.

    Can anyone think of a good way to do this?

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    The way ours works (standard template code, we didn't modify it) is that if we click the "Home Special" box in the following location:

    Products > View/Edit > Information Tab > Pricing section

    it'll randomize and display various products which have that box checked. We checked the box on ALL of our products, so hopefully they all have an equal chance of showing up on the home page as a "Featured Product".


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      Not sure of this may have been considered yet, but you also have the ability to have randomized home specials on the cart.

      If you go to Settings =>General =>Store Settings and look in the "General Settings" area, you'll see a setting labeled "Random Home Specials."

      The first checkbox turns on the setting and will randomize the display of products which you specify as Home Specials at the individual product level. Basically whenever the home page is accessed, the listing will update randomly.

      The box labeled "Number of Prod. :" sets how many products will be shown at any given time. Default is 20, but if you have (let's say 100) products listed as home specials, you can randomize 50 at a time so that it updates through the list on subsequent viewings of the page.

      The final checkbox is labeled "All Prod. :" and you can use this if you'd like to display all of your products randomly on the home page regardless of whether they are listed individually as Home Specials or not.

      Hope this helps!


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        The "all products" seems buggy on our catalog of 25,000+ parts. I would see the same couple items pop up nearly every page load.

        However for my purposes choosing a subset is preferable, so not a big deal.


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          I would have to agree that the "randomness" of the random home page listings isn't the best, but it's better than me having to change it manually all the time. :)