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    i'd caution against using a coupon in the autoscript. I've been using the it for a while and have found that a number of people receive the email after they've already made a purchase. It's likely that they've just added the item to the cart in two separate browsers or cleared their cookies in between browsing and purchasing. You might find people asking for the coupon discount after the fact.


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      We are also careful with coupons. Unless we want to raise our prices, the coupons can really cut into our margin. I know that many "experts" on economy shopping recommend that the consumer call and ask for coupons. And, they claim that if the consumer calls, they will receive a discount or coupon. So, in reaction, the retailer will raise their prices. (We don't do that nor do we give coupons for phone calls.) The more profitable stores (amazon, etc.) don't offer discounts on everything in the store because they don't want discounts to be the norm.

      If a coupon is sent every time a cart is abandoned, customers are smart enough to abandon carts and wait for the coupon. And, tell their friends.
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        I have the luxury of good margins so coupons are great for me. I have been kicking ass since offering buy one item get one half off. I more than break even on the 2nd item and my average ticket and profit per sale has gone up dramatically since doing this.