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    We have about 80 products with "Home Special" selected. But, the home page seems to be cycling through about 40 of them and the others don't seem to be showing up. Is anyone else seeing this on their home page (not all products selected as HS showing up on home page)?
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    Yeah, we've noticed that too. Only we have every product in our store (around 1000) selected for the home page cycle. It seems like it just picks a few (maybe about 30) random products and then displays them in the 9 slots on our home page. I would love it if it would truly pick through the full set of products we have indicated for this feature, but sadly, it doesn't. :(


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      Ya same here we were hoping it would be random on a select few.
      When we had none selected for HS seemed to display only our last category.

      We now use this to display new items and rotate monthly just before we send out our newsletter. For us this seemed to be the best solution.
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        I have tested my products (which is far from 1000) on the Home Special with 6 slots and over the course of a week, each day every product would rotate through (tested through refresh home page). But some did show more often than others. I brought this issue to my brother who is a hell of a programmer and he is going to look at all the coding and see if there is a # modifier that may restrict products from cycling over a particular #.